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Episode 1: Race Relations between Minorities

A discussion about relationships between minorities. With guest Mark Bautista

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Episode 2: Race Within the LGBTQ+ Community

Jeremie and Sarai talk about Jeremie's experiences with race/racism within the LGBTQ+ community.


Episode 3: Exes Part 1

Episode 4: Exes Part 2

TW for those especially sensitive to any type of abuse.

In this episode we're talking/b*tching about some of our exes...we have so many exes between us (mainly Saraï) we need two episodes to talk about them.


Episode 5: Roommates

Have you ever had a nightmare roommate? We have. Come listen to our horror stories.  

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Episode 6: Privilege

Joined by Christopher Hochstuhl, we talk about privilege...white privilege, male privilege, straight privilege, all of it. I think all three of us learned a lot. 

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Bonus: Patreon Privilege Epidode

Hey everyone, we have a surprise for you! As you know we have additional, in-depth, and often more explicit content on our Patreon. We decided to make our Patreon conversation on Privilege available for free! Sarai had a conversation with her friend Holden Madagame about how he has perceived his privilege change after transitioning to someone who is male/masculine presenting.

TW: we randomly mention rape a lot at the beginning. Sorry

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Episode 11: Interracial Dating

This week we're talking about interracial dating and relationships (friendships too!). Our personal experiences dating interracially are vast and there's a lot of history to be considered around this topic. 

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Episode 14: What's going on with "The Social Dilemma?" Part 2

Go watch the film "The Social Dilemma"! It should be under horror on Netflix. Get the tea on how social media work, how it's is a drug, and how you can ease your (our) social media addiction. 


Episode 7: Body Image 

We talk about body image and weight. What can you do to better accept and love the body you're in, how we feel about our weight, and why what you think about weight and fat is wrong.


Episode 8: Happiness

Is everyone capable of achieving happiness, where does it come from, and how do we get it or get to it?

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Episode 9: Hair

Hair! It is so important for us all. How much are we spending annually, are some hairstyles offensive/appropriation, and can a hairstyle be a political statement? We're joined in this episode by the beautiful Brenda Marie Turner

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Episode 10: Mary Jane


We're talking about Weed. Some important topics too; the gentrification and legalization of it, how it became illegal to begin with, and why are people still sitting in prison for selling weed in states where it is now legal. One problem, we ate a magic cookie at the start of the episode and it only took 10min to kick in. 

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Episode 12: But Where Are You Really From?

"But where are you really from?" is a question that may feel harmless but often times serves as a way to "other" the person being asked this. Jeremie recently had an experience surrounding this topic which inspired the episode. 

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Episode 13: What's going on with "The Social Dilemma?" Part 1

Go watch the film "The Social Dilemma"! It should be under horror on Netflix. Get the tea on how social media work, how it's is a drug, and how you can ease your (our) social media addiction. 

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Episode 15: Online Dating

Sarai and Jeremie both met their partners online. This week they talk about their experiences online dating, they are not all good experiences

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Bonus: Patreon Online Dating 

Surprise! A bonus episode. Our extended episode on online dating. We get into the details of our social experiment. Worth a listen. 

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Episode 16: Religion

In this episode Sarai and Jeremie are talking about religion, the faiths they were brought up in, and their perspectives on organized religion. 

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Episode 17: Slut Shaming

TW: We talk about rape a lot in this episode. 

We are talking about slut shaming. Can men experience this, what is it, why is it a thing? We're discussing these aspects as well as our personal experiences with it.

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Episode 18: Sports as Activism

This week we are taking a look at sports as activism. There are many famous and talented athletes who have risked and lost everything to promote a cause that the believe in, from racial equality, to protesting war, pushing for civil rights, and countless other causes, all differently received by their sport and the public. 

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Episode 19: Sex Work

We are talking to retired escort Mike Reylin...turns out some shady sh*t Jeremie did was sex work. We ask a lot of questions and Mike has some advice for people thinking about entering this work

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Episode 20: Sex Vs. Intimacy

Surprise! We're a few days early this week because we have a crossover episode for you. Episode 20! This week we have a crossover episode with The Brownstone Podcast and have host Jara Monique. On "The Brownstone" feed (link below) we have a conversation about Intimacy. This episode we are exploring sex vs. intimacy: are they the same, does one make the other better, what's the deal?

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Episode 21: Mental Illness

We're talking about mental illness. We both have more than one family member who has struggled with their mental health and Jeremie has an anxiety disorder which can be tricky to manage at times. TW: talk about depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

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Episode 22: Accessibility 

Disability comes in different forms but mainly only physical disabilities are taken into consideration when making things "accessible". This week we're talking about accessibility, inaccessibility, and our personal challenges in the past around accessibility.

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Episode 23: How to Build Intimacy in Friendship

Making friends as an adult is hard...or as a kid for some people...Sarai. We both have moved to a new country and experienced having to rebuild a social circle and trying to find true friends with real connections. 

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Episode 24:

Relationship Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries within any relationship can be difficult for some people. This week we're talking about how difficult or easy it has been for us to implement healthy boundaries and how we've enforced them. 

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Episode 25:

Gender Roles

What is expected of men, what's expected of women? Have those expectations and roles changed over time? At times for Jeremie and Sarai it feels like they each don't fit or meet the gender expectations put on them. 

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Episode 26: MUSIC!

We wanted to give you, and ourselves, something lighthearted and fun this week. We are talking about our favourite music! We are both singers and love many different genres. *Hint* one of us loves marching band. 

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Episode 27: Nudes

This week we’re talking nudes and sexting! Spoiler, one of us has a sex tape omg🤭! There can be tragic consequences for nudes gone wrong.


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Episode 28: Colorism

With the Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Oprah interview, this and a number of important, not so talked about issues were thrust into the forefront of popular conversation. Colorism is global, it affects every place that has been colonized (and probably more since American culture and entertainment are so pervasive), and like many systems of oppression it is self perpetuating.


Episode 29: Fat Phobia

Crossover episode. Listen to the first part of the crossover episode on the "More than Tracy Turnblad" podcast feed on March 22nd. 
We're joined by host Abby Morris and we are talking about fat phobia. When was the first time you were made to feel fat, when did you first try dieting, when is body positivity radical?


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🎊Episode 30🎉:

Sugar Daddies

Episode 30! *poppin' bottles* We are talking about sugar daddies. Turns out we found a topic where we don't see eye to eye. Is this type of arrangement a type of sex work? Can someone who is financially desperate have any control or give consent in this type of "relationship"? Is this toxic masculinity at its finest? We have no answers but we sure do have opinions.

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TW: Rape and suicide are mentioned in passing. 

Interview with Johannes Müller, a German with a self described US Fetish. We have an interesting discussion about that, Trump, trauma porn, and the shallow but sparkling image projected to the world by the US.

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Episode 31: Homelessness

We are talking about homelessness, which one of us has personal experience with. We go through the different types and who is most venerable. This is another massive global topic.

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Episode 32:

Do People Change?

Can people go through meaningful fundamental change after a certain point? We found another topic where we disagree! Or maybe we are saying the same thing but in turns and circles. What do you think, can people change?



Justice for George Floyd

We are talking about the verdict, some of the coverage of the trial, and our personal thoughts on everything.

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Episode 33:

Do You Like Feet?

Do you like feet? Want to buy some pictures? See Sarai. We are talking about fetishes and foot fetish in particular and looking at some famous people who have both common and unusual kinks. Get your whips and cuffs and have a listen. 

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Episode 34: Prenup/Postnup

Who gets prenups? Aren’t they only for rich people? Turns out no! Hear about who should have one, if they’re worth it, and some of the craziest prenups.

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Episode 35: Divorce and Breakups

From prenups to divorce...logical right? We talk about Sarai’s divorce and plethora of breakups. Also Jeremie scarred his ex by breaking up with him in the most cringeworthy way possible. 

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Episode 36: Don't Quit Your Day Job

Artists, singers, painters, poets writers, creatives of all types often have to work a job to support themselves (rent/food/basic needs) while they pursue their artistic careers. Sarai and Jeremie talk about their favourite day jobs and more about the ones they hated. 

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Episode 37:

Cultural Appropriation

From appropriating hair styles, food, to language YT people are doing the most. We're talking about what is cultural appropriation and what is appreciation. Check. out. our. reference. materials!

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Episode 38: Weddings

It is almost wedding season! We are talking about Sarai's weddings, couples therapy, cultural differences, and family drama during weddings.

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Episode 39: Immigrant vs. Expat

Are the two terms immigrant and expat synonymous?? Obviously not. We are talking about why that is and our personal experiences as people who have lived in other countries for long periods of time. We have no answers, but listen to us try and figure it out.

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Episode 40: Conspiracy Theories

Our season finale!!! We are joined by the hosts from Sippin Tea with Joey and Marie and we are talking about conspiracy theories. Ancient Aliens, Pizzagate, the JFK assassination, BIGFOOT, all of them! Get your tinfoil hats and join us!
It's all in fun.