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About the show

Social takeout is a podcast with hosts Sarai Cole and Jeremie Johnson. They talk about provocative social topics like racism, sex, and food, through their lived experiences...sometimes with guests. 

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Season 2 Episode 3:

We are talking about wellness and working our way through a wellness wheel with Melissa Steckbauer who is the owner/operator of The Sensorium Institute. What do you think when you hear wellness? Is it for everyone? What can you do to practice wellness without relying on outward costly things. 

Melissa Steckbauer | Sensorium Institute

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Season 2 Episode 2:
Insta Filters

What must it be like growing up with social media filters...where you can make your face look any way you want??? 


Mark Bautista Social Media

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Summer Letters 9:
First Tattoo

The last letter in our summer series! Sarai finally left Berlin and we have a great, deep, touching, moving letter from Mark Bautista.

Season 2 Episode 1:
Personality Tests

We are back! and we're talking about personality tests. Are they helpful or are they BS? We are talking about it with the fabulous and handsomeTyrone Stallone! Show his social media some love. What do you think? What type are you?

Summer Letters 8:
First Tattoo

Jeremie is getting his first tattoo this weekend. Find out what he is planning on getting! We also have a lovely letter from @sippinteawithjoeyandmarie .

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Checkout Sippin tea with Joey and Marie

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Summer Letters 6:
Camping with Kids?

Jeremie is in the German wilderness teaching a bunch of school kids. Have a listen to his letter to Sarai. 

Summer Letters 7:
Happy Birthday to Me!

It's Sarai's birthday! Everyone have a listen. Also with a letter from Johannes. 

Brenda Marie Turner's Social Media

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Summer Letters 5:
HGS - Hot Girl Summer

This week, a letter from Sarai to Jeremie about dating tips and a letter from the beautiful Brenda Marie Turner.

Summer Letters 4: Stevia Daddy

Jeremie's letter to Sarai and a letter from Lindsey in Canada!


Holden Madagame Social Media

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Summer Letters 3: Hi from Home

Sarai's letter to Jeremie during her brilliant staycation. With a letter contribution from Holden Madagame.

Summer letters 2: Amsterdam

Jeremie sends his letter from Amsterdam! Also we have a letter from Jara Monique from the Brownstone Podcast. 

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Checkout The Brownstone Podcast

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Summer letters 1:
When I'm 104

Sarai's letter to Jeremie about her grandmother turning 104, and a letter from fan Walidh. ❤️

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Producer and Host

Sarai Cole

Producer and host